When you want plan a trip to Russia, There are many aspects that can baffle you as a tourist:

Russia is a huge nation that offers a surprising variety of cultural and natural settings, so…

How to decide on the cities and tourist destinations of Russia and organize the trip in the cheapest way possible?

Next, we introduce you the Russia's main cities, the most popular and crowded by tourists.

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Considered the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is one of the most sought after destinations, especially when making a first trip to Russia, for its modern lifestyle and its openness to Europe.

In St. Petersburg you will find an agenda of activities and places to know very interesting, because the richness of its cultural heritage, takes everyone's breath away.

Art and history lovers should consider a visit to the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace and the beautiful Winter Palace, monumental enclosure that formerly belonged to the czars.


This Russian town located on the shores of the Black Sea, gained great visibility in the year 2014, when it served as Home to the Winter Olympic Games.

Sochi is a beautiful and versatile city, as it is not only privileged as a tourist destination in summer, but also in the coldest times of the year it has amazing ski centers, such as the Krasnaya Polyana

Endowed with beautiful architecture, the Russian and coastal city of Sochi is an ideal destination for tourists who love outdoor activities and contact with nature, such as the one offered by the Sochi National Park or the Dolphinarium Riviera.


As a capital city, Moscow is a city full of life. Its architectural treasures, as well as its historical and cultural offer, make it the main destination of Russia. It has a very interesting nightlife and gastronomy, which is worth living fully during a stay.

The State Historical Museum, the Bolshoi Theater, the State Museum of Pushkin and the unique St. Basil's Cathedral, are some of its most visited attractions. If you decide to visit it in the coldest time, do not forget to include in your agenda an afternoon of skating in the Gorki Park and tickets for the Russian Winter Festival.


Kazan is considered the third capital of Russia. Many of the people who visit Russia have some days to have the opportunity to meet the Kazan Kremlin, one of the richest complexes in this Slavic nation.

Making connections from Moscow or St. Petersburg is quite simple, also enjoying the rates offered by portals such as Skyscanner.

In the centuries-old citadel of Kazan, museums and historical places of great beauty, such as the mosque, operate Qol Šärif or the Siuyumbiké Tower.


Who says Russia is not a beach destination? Anapa is perfect for a family summer trip.

This Russian city has an unbeatable entertainment offer, with water parks like the Zolotoy Plyazh and Tiki-Tak. The festive atmosphere of Anapa can be felt in its beaches and spas, located on the shores of Black Sea.

In Anapa it is possible to visit unforgettable venues, such as Nemo Anapskiy Del'finariy, the amusement park Amusement Park and the Utrish Nature Reserve. For those who love history, a visit to the museum and local archaeological site will be a great option.


Traveling a good part of Russia by train can be an unforgettable adventure, especially when Yekaterinburg has one of the most important railway stations Trans-Siberian

The Church on Blood is one of the most popular landmarks of Yekaterinburg, along with the Ipátiev House and the Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Palace.

If you are looking for fun for the whole family, it is possible to contemplate a visit to the Yekaterinburg Zoo and the Limpopo Aquapark. For nature lovers, the Lake Shartash It can be a wonderful option.


The history of Volgograd is directly related to the courage and courage of the Soviet people. One of its most relevant episodes occurred during the Second World War, when the Volgograd army was able to resist the attack of the Axis Forces for months, leaving a huge number of fallen soldiers.

This anecdote gave rise to the emergence of Monument of the Motherland, one of the great monuments of Russia, which has more than 80 meters high, located in the Mamayev Kurgan. It is possible to visit the canal Volga-Don, just like him Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad.


Krasnodar is one of the most important financial centers in Russia and many people include this Russian city in their itinerary for being a metropolis of great economic growth.

The Park Kultury It is one of the main attractions of the place, offering visitors green recreation areas, as well as museums.

The Safari-Park It also attracts hundreds of tourists every year, as well as Kovalenko Regional Art Museum. If you are a visitor who loves architecture, as well as the history of great monuments, St. Catherine's Cathedral and the Temple of the Great Martyr, They are obligatory visits.


Characterized by its industrial activity, Ufa is included among the most visited cities in Russia.

In Ufa you will find mainly numerous parks and monuments that are worth visiting. Many tourists take advantage of the flight to Kazan through a good offer on Skyscanner to connect from there with Ufa and to know some of its beauties.

The main centers of interest in this town of Baskortostán, is the Monument to Salavat Yulaev, the Imeni Ivana Yakutova Park, the Olympic Park and the Friendship Monument.


Nizhny Novgorod is one of the most beautiful destinations in Russia. Many tourists choose to dedicate a few days of stay to this nation, playing places like Moscow, Kazan and ending the tour in Nizhny Novgorod.

If you have very little time, in a single day it is possible to visit at least 9 places of interest in this city: The Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod is one of the mandatory visits, as well as the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady. Many take a walk through the beautiful Rozhdestvenskaya Street, where you can connect in a few minutes with the Monument to Minin and Pozharski and the Monument to Valeri Chkálov.

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