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The select Russian perfumes and aromas


Perfumes are substances that give off pleasant aromas that remind us of people in a special way. Its uses date back to the time of Alexander the Great in Western culture when women left their mark for a long time thanks to the smell emanating from aromatic essential oils.

Its commercialization occurred in the first economic exchanges of the time. They arrive in Russia at the end of the 19th century by the hand of a famous Frenchman named Henri Brocard, who founded the Moscow Brocard et Cie society, becoming the first Russian perfumery.

Russia can be distinguished by its perfumes and aromas, being Krasnaia Moskva and the Armani Privé of the most select.

Magical inspiring sunset. Will it have its own aroma?

Krasnaia Moskva

The perfume Krasnaia Moskva or also known as Red Moscow (Moscow Red) was the first perfume created by the Russians, inspired by the mother of the Tsar Nicholas. In principle it was an expensive perfume since it was designed for select characters of Russian society when it was named "The Favorite Bouquet of the Empress".

After the nationalization of the company, its name adopted the national feeling, and became a popular perfume encompassing the entire Soviet Union and much of Western culture. The details in the design of their jars were inspired by the towers of the Kremlin. Its aroma was delicate, similar to that of Floral Cyprus.

After the culmination of World War II, its popular preference declined considerably, due to the appearance of cheaper options. However, this once again highlighted its select characteristic that it has preserved to this day, which makes it a perfume with history and sensations.

Sample of perfumery Krasnaia Moskva

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Armani Privé

The Armani Privé is a creation of the renowned firm Giorgo Armani which recently incorporates two fragrances inspired by Russia, Rouge Malachite and Vert Malachite. The design of the bottles and the aroma of these fragrances refer to the beautiful imperfection, power and energy that Russia offers. These are semiprecious gems symbol of the Urals known as malachite. Since antiquity this stone was part of the popular belief of being an amulet that protected people from the different vicissitudes of fate, providing good luck to those who carried it.

Malachite stone

The inspiring essence of Armani Privé belongs to the olfactory family known as the floral-woody musk. The Nardo is taken as an image because of its delicate aroma, elegant presence and captivating color.

Its aroma is relevant, non-invasive and with enough personality, staying in the body for many hours without losing its warm smell. Its use is according to the taste of people, can be used by day, or night without any problem. Armani recommends this perfume among the best of all its experience, mysterious, unisex, simple but at the same time unique and personal.

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