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Religion in Russia Atheistic nation?


There are some inaccuracies about religious practice in Russia, sometimes even mistakenly raising the possibility of a scenario of discrimination and even atheism. However, everything obeys a situation of cultural and legal ignorance. Fortunately, there is already a greater interest and dissemination of these aspects and you begin to understand how it really is Religion in Russia.

Is the Russian Federation a nation where atheism is practiced and promoted?

Constitutionally speaking, Russia is considered a secular country. What does this mean? That is not governed under any religious faith.

In other words, although most (more than 60%) practice the orthodox religion it can not be said that the Russian Federation is officially an orthodox religious state.

In fact, it must be clarified that due to their ethnic diversity (more than 160 ethnic groups speaking in some 100 languages) there is a large amount of religions practiced in Russia.

However, by statute only four are recognized as traditional: the Iglesia Rusa Ortodoxa, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.

All other religions who wish to obtain legal approval for their practice must meet a set of requirements.

Currently Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses follow procedures to obtain legal recognition.

Considering the existence of this wide diversity of religions, the Russian Federation is far from being considered an atheistic nation. In fact, only the 13% professes atheism, a current that is considered linked to the times of the Soviet Union.

spilled blood
Interior view of the Church of the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia

What is the difference between the religion of Russia and the religion of other countries?

It can be pointed out that in this gigantic country the Christian religion predominates, only that it is something different from the Roman Catholic, and for that reason it is called Orthodox, that is, traditionalist.

La orthodox religion Russian was derived from the so-called Great Schism of the East and West of 1054 when the Byzantine Empire was separated from the Holy Roman Empire.

In other words, the Byzantine Empire was formed and took Christian Orthodoxy as a religion, while the Roman Empire stayed with the Catholic current.

However, apart from the division in these empires there were also discrepancies regarding creencias and religious precepts.

One of the differences lies in the origin of the Holy Spirit, because the orthodox faith is governed by the Creed established by the Christian doctrine from which it says "I believe in the Holy Spirit that comes from the father", so he does not accept the change that was done without consultation during the Council of Toledo, where "and the son" was added.

Put another way, most orthodox Russians, as Jesus himself established, believe that the Holy Spirit comes only from God.

La Iglesia Rusa Ortodoxa he opposes the Roman Catholic practice of forgiving sins to free souls from purgatory, something that was done in medieval times for money.

For orthodoxy purgatory does not exist, because when the person dies his soul only awaits the final judgment, without pain or glory.

This belief is based on what Jesus said to one of the thieves crucified at his side: The thief told him: "Remember me, Lord, when you come in your Kingdom" and he replied: "Today you will be with me in Paradise" He did not tell him to wait in purgatory or something similar.

There are also differences in the conception of original sin, the sinless conception of the Virgin Mary, the papal infallibility, the unleavened bread in the Eucharist, the form of baptism and confirmation, the celibacy of the clergy, the icons or images , among others.

orthodox icon
Orthodox Church icon with Saint Mary and baby Jesus

How is the practice of the Russian Orthodox religion?

In addition to being practiced in the countries that made up the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia, the Orthodox Church It has many faithful in other countries of Eastern Europe, for example Serbia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Cyprus, among others.

In the orthodox religion In Russia a baptism with water is carried out by immersion as part of the process of salvation.

The Eucharist is also practiced with bread and wine, as part of the acceptance of the Christian faith.

What other doctrines are part of the religion in Russia?

One of the religions with the largest number of faithful in Russian territory is Islam, calculating 15 to 20 millions of Muslims.

In numerical importance follows the buddhism, since there are between two and three million practitioners of this religious faith, many of them from Mongolia and practiced in the republics of Buryatia, Kalmykia and Tuva.

Buddhist Monastery of Ivolga in Russia

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