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The Moscow Kremlin


Did you know that one of the most important architectural complexes in the world is the Moscow Kremlin?

The Moscow Kremlin is a monument of historical and cultural value that includes 4 palaces and 4 cathedrals that are within the fortification that surrounds the citadel.

Learn about the history of the Kremlin and the wonders that make it up.

Contemporary view of The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin: Almost nine centuries of superb architecture

The Kremlin It is located in the city of Moscow. It borders to the south with the Moscova River, to the east with the Red Square and to the west with the Alexander Garden.

It is surrounded by a gigantic wall of red bricks 2235 meters long and whose size covers more than 28 hectares.

One of the extraordinary aspects of this complex is its wooden constructions known from 1156 as "The Moscow Fortress".

Between 1326-1327 on the highest hilltop was erected the Assumption Cathedral and it is said that it was the first stone construction in the whole.

Later, especially in the period between 1366-1368, the stone fortress was built, under the reign of Grand Prince Dmitry Donskói.

Moscow Kremlin under Dmitri Donskoi (A. Vasnetsov)

Subsequently, under the mandate of Iván III, first governor appointed “Grand Prince of all Russia“, The total construction of the Kremlin in stone. This work was entrusted not only to Russian architects but also to foreigners, mainly from Italy.

Between 1475 and 1479 the Italian architects Aristotel Fioravanti and Aloisio Novy participated in the intervention of the Kremlin. The first of them promoted the reconstruction of the ancient Assumption Cathedral and in front of it, the second, that is Novy, erected Michelangelo's Cathedral (Arkhanguelsky Cathedral).

Between the years 1485-1495 the Italian masters erected the new walls, crenellated and with towers. On the other hand, during the 1505-1508 period, the architect Bon Fryazin built the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, thus the group of Sobornaya Square He was crowned with this architectural jewel.

In the mid-sixteenth century Prince Ivan (known as the Terrible) officially accepted the title of tsar and since then The Kremlin was considered the residence of Russian tsars.

Finally, between 1555-1561 the complex was completed by erecting outside the walls of the Kremlin the Cathedral of Amparo de la Virgen to commemorate the conquest of Kazan by Tsar Ivan IV.

Moscow Kremlin under Ivan III (A. Vasnetsov). (Wikipedia)

A monument that has resisted the ravages of time and war

The Kremlin It has suffered hard blows due to the wars and as a result of this many of its buildings have collapsed.

One of the most significant damages committed against this important patrimony was the one that occurred with the invasion of Poles between 1605-1612. On that occasion the cathedrals were sacked and desecrated, as well as the Tsar's treasure and the wooden constructions.

Another devastating event was the terrible fire which opened the new history page of the Kremlin. During the same valuable buildings were lost that were sent to replace by Tsar Peter the Great, but it was Empress Ana Loanovna who concluded that work at 1736.

Most of the fortifications and buildings that have managed to keep standing over time also preserve incredible artistic pieces, as well as paintings and murals with valuable objects inside russian religious motives They are impressive.

Aerial view of the Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin. Heritage data that reveal its magnificence

In the future of humanity, The Kremlin It was the home of tsars and princes. That's why in one of its most famous buildings, The Armory, riches of the tsars are kept: jewels, crowns, thrones, carriages, among other items of aristocratic opulence.

Tsar Cannon: The Moscow Kremlin

In the center of the Kremlin are the Cathedrals of the Assumption, the Archangel San Miguel and the Annunciation They represent an icon for Russia not only because of its elegant architectural construction but because it is part of Russian history.

A clear example of the importance of this monument for Russia is represented by the war against the Swedes because the walls of the Kremlin were the place chosen for the construction of bastions and moats during the seventeenth century.

Another valuable historical element of this heritage is stored inside the Cathedral of the Assumption, it is about the tomb of Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584), this being also the church where the tsars crowned.

In 1990 all Russia was awarded when The Kremlin was recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Its monumental and patrimonial importance make it A must for all who go to Moscow, especially since 1991 when it opened the Kremlin State Museum of History and Culture.

Dear Russian Lover, When is your trip to Russia?

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