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LADA: Soviet legend car


Moscow, 1995: In the middle of the economic crisis, a foreign businessman drives with a brand new Mercedes. Drunk with arrogance, he goes at full speed on the roads, leaving the rest of the cars in his path. Suddenly, he sees a small gray vehicle that does not yield to his designs. He tries to throw him out but the small car goes straight to him.

The impact is brutal.

The owner of the Mercedes thinks he has destroyed the small vehicle until, he sees the body of his car completely destroyed. David has beaten Goliath.

The little gray vehicle is the LADA, the mythical Soviet-era car that is still being manufactured today.

Its origins are in 1969, thanks to the AvtoVAZ company that since the 70 years, had experience in the manufacture of vehicles, following the Italian model of FIAT.

The name LADA comes from an old Russian term meaning ship, alluding to the resistance and handling of this marvelous vehicle.

green lada
New Arbat, Moscow, Russia. Photo of Aurelien Romain en Unsplash

The construction plant of the LADA is the largest in the world. Located in Togliatti in the Volga Central, the manufacturing chain has a size of 2 kilometers long, generating the 2% of the industrial production of the whole country. In times of the former Soviet Union it employed more than 280.000 people. Nowadays, production has dropped compared to those times, but it is experiencing a rise.

In the metallurgy and pressing departments of this gigantic factory is where the LADA cars are made. Hundreds of robots and manipulators use the most cutting-edge technology, which allows a greater saving of metal and the vehicle has a greater resistance to corrosion, thanks to the method of electrophoresis.

Modern Lada line with the VESTA model. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The classic LADA It has always been characterized as a car of modest dimensions, simple and functional design. In simplicity lies its strength because, it is easy to maintain, resists the harshest weather conditions and is extremely cheap. Proof of this is that it is exported to more than 37 countries, including Spain.

Lada Cuba

The most famous model is the LADA 4X4 Niva, which has toured the most unsuspected places: from the North Pole to the Antarctic through the Paris-Dakar rally. Although, it is destined to rural areas, it performs reliably in the cities. Modest but reliable car, it is ideal for the low-income consumer who needs a vehicle as economical and resistant as possible.

Thierry Sabine in the port of Algiers with the Lada 4 × 4 Niva. Source: Wikimedia Commons

For the city, it is worth highlighting the LADA Kalina, which shares the robustness of its predecessors, but with a more elegant, comfortable and safe design. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to its large raised seats, the opening of its doors and a large interior space. In terms of safety, it adapts to European standards with Airbag, ABS, stability program, brake assistance and L-shaped rear headrests.

Lada Kalina
Lada Kalina in its competitive version of Rally. Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the year 2010 AvtoVAZ went into crisis, endangering the production of this formidable vehicle. The intervention of Renault-Nissan consortium who acquired a large part of the Russian company, saved the LADA from the disappearance.

A change in the methods of production and the reduction of the excessive staff of directors has guaranteed their salvation.

Thanks to this, LADA has been restructured and although it maintains its original principles, it has undergone an evolution with high-end models such as the X-Ray, with an innovative design and more daring than the rest of LADAS.

Lada X Ray
Lada X-Ray Cross. Source: Wikimedia Commons)

For all those interested in buying an LADA I leave this link to the dealers of LADA in Spain: www.ladaespañ

Russian Lover, what are you waiting for to acquire an LADA? You will not regret it I can assure you, it is the epitome of Russian values: endurance, intelligence and reliability all at a luxury price.

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