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Congratulations for your decision! Studying Russian will definitely open the doors of the largest country in the world, of your labor market and will enrich you personally in a very rewarding way.

Only by studying Russian can you begin to decipher the secrets of Eastern culture and understand the mentality of its people. In case you are not yet convinced to study Russian, I will give you the necessary reasons why you are going to do it.

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Reasons to study the Russian language

Again, Congratulations for undertaking this beautiful journey with the Russian language!

By the way, in case it's the first time you pass by Russian Lover, my name is Ory, I was born in Barcelona (Spain) and I live in Moscow from 2013. Studying Russian is what really changed my life forever.

This option is one of the most recommended especially at the beginning, as it allows a first contact with the language in a fun, easy, free, from anywhere, without ties and a methodical structured by professionals. Studying from the computer, from the tablet or mobile is easier than going to class and will allow you to acquire basic knowledge of the language quickly, intuitively and without too much effort. It is also a good complement for students who attend their studies in a more serious way and allows to remember lessons, refresh knowledge and put themselves to the test in a self-taught way with certain guarantees. If you do not have too much time to attend personal classes and you do not want to invest too much money, this is your ideal option.


To sign up for the Official School of Languages ​​of your city or a course organized by a professional institution, is the most recommended way to study Russian or any other language. Going regularly to a regulated education will help you to take the necessary learning habits and you will be able to relate with other people with your same objectives in an optimal study environment. In addition to this way you will also get certificates and level recognition that will help you find work in official organizations and companies that require it. I particularly started studying Russian at the Official School of Languages ​​(EOI) in Barcelona, ​​so I invite you to inform yourself and sign up for the selection competitions of these schools. Search for your official language school according to your region (Spain).

You can also search for your custom Russian course with the search engine Aprendemas courses

Example of specific courses that you can search and find using the keyword #Russian:

International Master of Business with Russia

Russian language for hotels, tourism and restaurants

Online Russian course

Upper sommelier course with Russian

Russian for professional companies

Etc ..


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Studying Russian in Russia is undoubtedly the most exciting option and with which you will get the best results and faster. By training in Russia you will have the opportunity not only to follow a study program with native teachers but also to immerse yourself in the language, culture and real life in a Russian-speaking environment. It is also an opportunity to establish contacts, make friends and project your future plans to a higher level.

AVAILABLE COURSES: Intensive Russian, Commercial Russian, Russian and culture, Russian and literature, Russian and Music, Individual, TELC exam, Intensive Special etc.



Moscow, the most populous capital of the Russian Federation, is a destination full of history and one of the most important economic and political centers in the world. It is a very cosmopolitan and dynamic city that is renewed and improved with each passing year. Russian courses in Moscow allow you to get to know one of the cities with the highest growth and highest standards of living.



The city of St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 on the bank of the Neva River. His intention was to turn it into the Russian city most related to Europe and the rest of the world. The Russian courses in St. Petersburg offer you the chance to get to know a city of almost 9 million inhabitants, the second largest city in Russia and the one with the most European and cosmopolitan spirit. Also, its historical center has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.


The videochat is one of the tools that is revolutionizing the world of online learning and that gives better results. Well, from your own home and with the simple use of your webcam through video conferencing applications such as SKYPE, you can contact native teachers who will help you personally to deal with the language. No need to spend large amounts of money on trips, schools, transportation etc. From your home, warm and quiet, you choose which teacher best suits your needs (man, woman, nationality, age ..) and start to study with comfort and guarantees.


Whichever way you decide to study Russian, a good book, a good movie or a good travel guide will always provide you with additional information that will be essential in your learning process and a great help in your travels. With good didactic material always at hand your chances of achieving excellence by studying the Russian language will multiply x100.

Purchase your Russian teaching material at the Russian Russian Lover store

SalesBest selling No. 1
Russian for Dummies
Andrew Kaufman, Serafima Gettys - Publisher: Para Dummies - Softcover: 416 pages
16,10 EUR
SalesBest selling No. 2
Russian for Spanish speakers: 1 level
Violeta Nogueira, Marina Gorbatkina, Caridad Mercader, María Oganissian - Editor: Herder Editorial - Issue no. 1 (09 / 10 / 2003) - Softcover: 324 pages
31,35 EUR
Best selling No. 3
Learn Russian - Fast / Easy / Effective: 2000 Key Vocabulary
Pinhok Languages ​​- Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Issue no. 1 (11 / 15 / 2017) - Softcover: 85 pages
11,99 EUR
Best selling No. 4
Cinderella: Bilingual texts in parallel: Spanish-Russian
Charles Perrault - Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - Issue no. 1 (08 / 11 / 2018) - Softcover: 78 pages
7,99 EUR
Best selling No. 5
Learn Russian - Parallel texts - Simple stories (Russian - Spanish)
Polyglot Planet Publishing - Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Softcover: 118 pages
8,99 EUR
SalesBest selling No. 6
Russian Dictionary (Gem): Russian-Spanish | Spanish-Russian
Collins Collins - Publisher: HARPER COLLINS - Edition no. 1 (10 / 16 / 2013) - Softcover: 448 pages
7,50 EUR
SalesBest selling No. 7
5 days to learn Russian (Professional development)
Ivan Strutunnof - Editor: DE VECCHI EDICIONES, SA - Softcover: 192 pages
6,60 EUR
Best selling No. 8
Learn Russian - Parallel text - Easy to read | Easy to listen: Easy reading in Russian: Volume 1 (COURSE IN AUDIO)
Polyglot Planet - Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Softcover: 88 pages
7,99 EUR
SalesBest selling No. 9
Russian for Spanish speakers: 2 level
Violeta Nogueira, Marina Gorbatkina, Caridad Mercader, María Oganissian - Editor: Herder Editorial - Issue no. 1 (11 / 01 / 2004) - Softcover: 284 pages
29,45 EUR
SalesBest selling No. 10
Schemes of Russian
María Sanchez Puig - Editor: Palas Atenea - Softcover: 62 pages
13,30 EUR

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This is the most striking option and the one that a priori attracts the attention of more people when it is announced. What are we going to pay for something if it can be all free? Well, studying Russian for free with some of the resources that are offered on the Internet can be a good option to start and especially if you do not have much money. The success of your learning using these free methods will depend only on you and basically on your will and degree of involvement. In any case, studying on your own is not the recommended and correct way to draw an optimal learning curve with guarantees of success.


Created by RT, alphabet, phonetics, progressive lessons etc.

RUSSIAN FOR EVERY DAY Nice design, variety of lessons, native teacher, audio, quizzes, weekly words etc.

LEARNINGUS.COM Information about the language, names, alphabet, photographs etc.

MASTER RUSSIAN Teaching in English, mastery of grammar, phonetics, pronunciation, dialogues, etc.

GRAN SLAVIA Different Slavic languages, musical section, regional culture etc.

INTERNET POLYGLOT Teaching in several languages, memorization of words, meanings, etc.

RUSSIAN FOR EVERYONE Teaching in English, designed for autodidactics, games, tests, etc.


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