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Patriot Park: The Military Disneyland


In Moscow, in the Odintsovo area, there is a amusement park that you will not see anywhere in the world. This is Patriot Park, a gigantic recreational space with a military theme, which has become a popular holiday destination in no time.

Patriot Park was inaugurated the 16 of June of the 2015, and it was a bet of Russia to promote the civic education, and to foment the feeling of love and support to the nation, apart from becoming a business with millions and millions of rubles of benefits.

The size of the complex is impressive: It occupies dimensions of 5,5 hectares and has more than 6000 parkings for visitors. In addition, it has hundreds of military equipment, 16 souvenir outlets (we highlight the bracelets with the face of Stalin and Putin) and 8 restaurants that serve campaign rations, completely recreating a military scenario. (алексей домин)

Patriot Park is divided into 6 large sections:

The Military Tactical Games Center is a huge training ground where the visitor can play airsoft, do sport exercises of a military nature and fight in an urban environment with real replicas of buildings. The paradise of every lover of the war.

In this section, for any visitor who wishes to be a child or adult, you can learn survival techniques, make barracks, move in wooded land etc. knowledge that in difficult circumstances never come badly.

Then there is the Aerospace section, dedicated to lovers of warplanes and helicopters. They have more than 268 Soviet-era aircraft on display along with helicopters and special vehicles. There is even an area dedicated to nuclear energy for both military and civil use, where many students from institutes and schools attend.

And now my favorite section, that of Armored Vehicles, which has no equivalent in the world. More than 350 tanks of more than 14 countries are on display. The guides teach visitors the process of tank construction, their resistance as well as the fundamental work they perform in battles. (алексей домин)

There is a temple in Patriot Park dedicated to all Russian soldiers who gave their lives for the homeland. The first stone was placed by the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoju, and consecrated by the high dignities of the Orthodox clergy.

The youth association Yumarniya, created by the Ministry of Defense, has a whole sector of the park at its disposal. Here, the visitor can see military festivals, interviews with athletes and relevant figures from the world of science and exhibitions.

Finally, the star section of the site, the "guerrilla" zone. During 30 minutes you will see on a real scale the conditions of life, weapons and housing of the Soviet partisans in World War II. It is a little overwhelming due to its realism because it astonishes the terrible hardness of life in the time and makes you appreciate the comforts that we have today.

In contrast, there is a small zoo in the center of the section with rabbits, chickens, chickens and other farm animals, the children's favorite area.

There is also a bakery that prepares some succulent porridge and freshly baked bread.

The price of tickets from Monday to Friday of 400 rubles, for teenagers is 250 rubles and for children under 6 years is completely free. On weekends the price increases up to the 500 rubles. They are exempt from paying the entrance, those who have hero / heroine decorations from the Soviet Union, members of military academies, soldiers in service, people with disabilities etc.

The website of this military park is: and the contact telephones are: + 7 (495) 1053446 and 8 (800) 7070107. The opening hours are from 10: 00 to 18: 00 hours. (Vladimir Milovidov)

Patriot Park is an emblematic place and a must for all lover of military and curiosities. A renowned Russian Lover can not miss it!

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