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Natura Siberica: high quality organic cosmetics


Nowadays, when the need arises for a greater ecological approach to reverse the intense and serious damage that the planet has suffered due to the uncontrolled and irrational use of its resources, from Russia great and successful efforts are made in this sense and Natura Siberica is one of them.


Natura Siberica is the first Russian brand of cosmetology organic farming high quality, and aims to offer the world a sustainable cosmetic production and friendly to the environment.

Sample of products of the company Natura Siberica exposed in full nature

What is the basis for the success of the company Natura Siberica?

This company ecological cosmetics used to develop their high quality products many herbs and plants that grow in one of the world's least polluted regions in the world: Siberia.

The Siberian region is characterized by having a wildlife with very little external influence, which makes these species unique organisms on the planet.

On the other hand, due to the rigorous climatic conditions existing in Siberia, these plant species are capable of producing rich protective substances, especially with antioxidant capacity.

Each of these species is carefully studied to determine its properties and potential uses as an ingredient for cosmetic products.

The result is that a large variety of these plants and herbs serve as the basis for producing high quality products destined for care of the skin and hair.

In addition to the ecological trend that represents the use of herbs and plants with minimal pollution load, there is the fact that the process of collecting these species is carried out completely manually.

In order to ensure that the cosmetic products produced by Natura Siberica quality and highly beneficial efforts have been made to comply with various European standards such as ICEA, ECOCERT, COSMOS STANDARD, BDIH

Therefore, all high quality products elaborated by this Russian cosmetic company They are duly certified under strict controls and standards.

Representative landscape of the pure nature of Siberia

A Russian cosmetics company committed to social work

The effort of Natura Siberica it extends beyond the ecological approach of plant species in Siberia, implementing social programs that seek to benefit the different social groups that inhabit the Siberian region.

Hence, since 2012 is Russian cosmetic company supports with various projects the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East.

Likewise, this company ecological cosmetics from 2013 carries out an arborization program together with the Botanical Garden of Irkutsk with the purpose of planting more than 70.000 exotic plants.

As if that were not enough, it is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world that has an organic plantation certified by the European eco-standard 834 / 0.

In this plantation of 33 hectares, representatives of the Siberian autochthonous peoples participate, valuing their knowledge and unique experiences on these herbs and wild plants used ancestrally.

What are some of the high quality products that distinguish this Russian cosmetic company?

The careful process of collection and selection of herbs and Siberian plants has resulted in natural products of the highest quality and effectiveness in the care of the skin and hair.

An example of this is GZEL, a cosmetic line that combines the ancient Russian skin and hair care recipes with the power of the wild plants of Siberia.

The main ingredients of this product from Siberia are Arctic raspberry seed oil, northern sea buckthorn oil and wild rose oil.

Likewise, the result of this ecological effort has been the popularity of products such as Gold & Platinum Caviar, a novel cosmetic line that consists of four collections that give the skin a lush, youthful and perfect appearance.

Evidence of the excellent benefits of these ecological cosmetic products are the high levels of sales that are currently registered in England, Germany, France, China and many other countries.

Representative map of the areas and types of natural herbs collected by Natura Siberica

Likewise, proof of the acceptance of the quality of these products has been the obtaining of important international recognitions such as Cosmoprof, granted in Bologna, Italy, in the 2012 to Natura Siberica as best green cosmetics.

Similarly, in the 2013 was granted in London to this company ecological cosmetics the European Natural & Organic products prize for producing the best organic product for mom and baby, while that same year was chosen in Russia as the best product.

Another of the recognitions includes the best facial care product through the Beauty Challenger Award obtained at the Beyond Beauty fair in Paris.

In short, it is no longer just vodka that describes the excellence in productivity and Russian quality, now the excellence in cosmetics has a Russian seal and for greater approval this production is carried out in an eco-sustainable way.

One way buy Natura Siberica products online from anywhere in the world is through the Russian store of Russian Lover.

Would you like to try some of the Natura Siberica creams?

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