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Russian Musical Instruments: Surprising!


The Russian people are a rich cultural mix of more than 100 ethnic groups and this also explains the wide variety in russian musical instruments.

The different cultural groups in Russia have ancient folk traditions, in addition to a vast musical culture, which has led to the creation of original musical instruments.

Russian music had a late instrumental creation

Many of these Russian instruments were created late in the early XNUMXth century because in the Middle Ages Christian Russians believed that musical instruments were an invention of the devil that contaminated music.

Would be Tsar Peter the Great who would end these strange medieval beliefs by lifting the ban and thus some of the most famous would emerge russian musical instruments.

Russian traditional music differs from Western music on scales and this extends to its musical instruments.

What are the main musical instruments in Russia?


Maybe among all russian musical instruments this string instrument is the most popular. It is a triangular wooden frame that has three ropes.

It is not a single instrument but a family of instruments including high and low tones, receiving names such as Prima, Sekunda or Balalaika double bass, depending on the tone.

Apart from the tones, the different balalaikas differ in the way they are played. For example, the cousin is played using the fingers but the sekunda is played with a leather point.


It is one of the oldest Russian stringed instruments, because its origin dates back to 591.

This instrument has 36 strings and a leather tip is used to play it. There are three varieties: Wing Gusli, Helm Gusli and Clavichord Gusli.

The Russian guitar evolved from the citra

Russian guitar

Unlike the Spanish guitar, this Russian musical instrument has 7 strings and was created in the late XNUMXth century as a version of the citra.


This instrument whose origin is located in the south of Russia consists of a tube of cane or birch bark of approximately 10 to 20 centimeters, which is attached to a bell made with bovine horn.

The sound is produced when the fingers are alternately placed over the 3 or 4 holes in the tube.

An instrument that you can play just by running your hand over it

· Theremin

Its creation is due to a cellist named Leon Theremin, who observed that a device used as a gas density meter could produce sounds as the hand was placed.

To produce sound with this instrument it is not necessary to play it, just run your hand over it to make it sound.


It is characterized by having a long and thin domed neck at the back.

It is part of the lute family and in 1905 a model made with 4 strings became quite popular.

Discover the most popular songs of Russia and its rich musical culture.

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