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What level of Russian do you have? Try with Mosalingua Web!


Hello dear Russian Lover!

I am Ory and I am quite excited because I finally have something to offer my readers that is really worth it.

For you and all Friends of Russian Lover:

A discount code to study Russian or any other language with MOSALINGUA WEB!

DISCOUNT CODE -20%: Russian-Lover

My colleagues in Mosalingua have enabled this special discount code for their MOSALINGUA WEB super language course that already has more than 8 millions of users worldwide.

This discount code is a great opportunity because Mosalingua Web is already in itself a very cheap professional language course. But now for the Friends of Russian Lover it is much more!

In addition, you have a FREE TRIAL FROM 15 days without commitment. So it's easier not to put it on anymore))


*** Do not forget the discount code Russian-Lover! ***

Let's study Russian!

With this rush of the discount code, I have wanted to start studying Russian again. Sincerely, I have abandoned this topic for a long time. Of course I already live in Russia from 2013! For what? But the truth is that it will be good for me to review and improve especially my grammar because I still do not write too well.

Testing Mosalingua Web

Let's start with Mosalingua WEB from within. The products must be tested before buying them, if they make it clear. But these people from Mosalingua are so sure that you will love their course that they even give you 15 Free Trial days. Then you use my Russian-Lover code of 20% discount and you ride a party!

Obviously, I am already registered and I have access to Mosalingua Web. That's what it takes to have a website about Russia!

So I'll wait for you 1 minute so that you can access the platform for free and start together.


The record is completed in a jiffy. Name, email, a password and the language you want to learn. Pim, pam, pum. Easy, you register and ready. Without paying anything.

When you have completed the registration and sent you the confirmation e-mail and all the necessary details, you can now get in touch with the Russian and access the super platform of Mosalingua Web. Without paying anything! Then, within 15 days you will decide if you like it or not. Although I think you'll like it!

I want to start since I have the worm to study Russian, so I go where I put APPS and I choose the language RUSSIAN. If you want you can start with the German!

Now they are all beautiful intuitive little screens that you have to go through. In the first they welcome us and you can already choose your natural language. I choose Spanish.

Remember that by accessing Mosalingua Web you will have access to the courses from any device (PC, Tables and Mobile) and in a synchronized manner. In the computer version there is more content but if you fancy going to lie down on the sofa, you can follow your lessons without problem with your mobile.

Do not tell me you do not have 5 minutes a day! Best 20 clear minutes, but so you do not say you do not have time you can choose 5 minutejos with which you will achieve results. This is suck!

What plans do you have? Do you want to travel to Russia? Do you need to prepare your level of Russian to pass an official exam? Study abroad?

Here are all the levels you need. It is a very complete and very useful course.

What level do you have of Russian?

With each screen you pass the thing gets more interesting. Now you have to be honest ... What level of Russian do you have?

- Jo, Jo, jo ... ya govoriu po ruskii .. well ... hey ... I do not know ...

I'm going to pass the Russian level test with a couple well placed!


Yes. I dare to pass the level test!

This one I have sucked! #Pared in Russian is written # СТЕНА.

Let someone congratulate me!

Good that was very easy. We continue with the next question.

#Health in Russian?

I can also write this! # Здоровье

I continue to a good level))) Refreshing the memory.

Look, this gets interesting! Sort words to build a phrase.

GO! I've already bothered her with nerves. Well, that's why we're here to learn. My level will be somewhat lower than I thought ...

Good! Here is the result of the level test.

I'll start with the level of Russian Intermediate B2. It's not bad either. I am already looking forward to starting with the exercises and to continue learning.

It's cool this from the Mosalingua Web. I wait for you to finish your level test and we continue studying together. Many moods!

And you, what level of Russian do you have?

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