Would you like to know what the story Kolobok?

To know it, you must travel through the streets and Russian forests following the adventures of little round bun.

Kolobok It is a small bread, it has a spherical shape, it is yellow and made with flour. He is the protagonist of the traditional Slavic fairytale homonymous who flees from the animals that pretend to devour him.

Frame of the animated story Kolobok of the Pilot Study. (Video included below in this publication)

Do you know how the little round bun escaped? Rhymed, sang and left ...

In other stories we have been able to find seductive legends similar to this one but elsewhere, especially in the eastern, German and Nordic Slavic regions. However, the main character is a pancake that rolls.

What we are referring to this time is the Russian tradition. It all starts when an old woman and an old man are together and the last one said:

"Come on, woman, get up in the mess and dig in the bread basket, to see if you can pick up a little flour to make a bollito".

So it happened, the old woman took a raedera and collected two handfuls of flour, mixed it with cream of milk and kneaded a little bun that was left round, then she dyed it in warm lard and at the end she put it to cool but in serene, in the window frame.

Kolobok escapes the terrible claws of the Wolf

Here the tragedy begins! And the little round bun?

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The legend points out that Kolobok He was there quietly, but suddenly, zas! he rolled from the top of the window and fell right into a bench. From there to the ground and then rolling, rolling until you reach the door, jumped a threshold, went to the hall, went to the porch, went to the corral, left through the gate and continued in a hurry, did not stop, continued rolling.

During the plot, the little round bun is in different episodes. With a bear, a rabbit, a wolf, among others. All of them with a lot of interest, putting their eyes on him and pretending to eat him, but the crafty muffin always escaped. Creativity was one of his great skills.

This medium bread rounded when the grandfather and the grandmother are cooking it suddenly comes alive, it escapes and it begins to travel. In that walk he was making his way and, as was natural, he was tripping over the creatures that lived in the forest. But many of them escape.

I knew it was appealing to everyone, so for each meeting I prepared fascinating verses and to the sound of the rhyme I sang while saying how it went and escaped:

"I ran away from my grandmother, I ran away from my grandfather, and I'll certainly get away from you"

Illustration of the artist Konstantin Vasilyevich Kuznetsov (1886-1943)

The outcome of the Kolobok story Can you imagine what the consequences of his escape were?

At the end of the road, Kolobok is approached by an astute fox who, after seducing him, flattering him and posing as deaf, manages to make him feel in his nose and asks him to sing a song, which he accesses and intones in the following way:

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I'm the little round bun,

They grabbed me in the mess

In the bread basket they have searched me,

With the cream of milk they have kneaded me,

With warm butter I have been golden

And in the window they have cooled me down.

I escaped from the grandfather,

From the grandmother I escaped,

I escaped from the little hare,

I escaped from the gray wolf,

I escaped from the zambo bear,

and you, little fox, it's clear that I'll escape!

In that the bitch replies:

"Oh, what a beautiful song; but I hear so bad ...! Bollito, bollito, jump to my hociquito and sing it again, but taller. "

Naively, without malice, the little baker did what the wicked asked her:

"He jumped into the fox's little hock and sang his song louder."

The fox insists saying:

"Bollito, bollito, put on my little tongue and sing me the song again. The little bun jumped on the fox's tongue, and she -ham! -He ate it. "

What is the moral of the traditional story Kolobok?

This story has been published by many publishers dedicated to Russian literature, there is even a lavish collection of stories where the BOLLITO REDONDITO appears, which has been very traditional and where all the children learned to the rhythm of the song that sang the Bollito to be saved.

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Elena Shumilova, the Russian photographer who portrays fantasy moments

Many teachers claim that these verses accompany their classes and are intoned to distract, entertain and blow up children's imaginations. In addition, the moral that this story has is that from very early we know what are the consequences of walking alone, of escaping.

In short, the story Kolobok o the little round bun today it represents a literary production par excellence that has aroused the interest not only of children but also of young people and adults who enjoy both lyrics and music.

Enjoy the story of the Kolobok in Spanish at the hands of La Montaña de Gemas, Pilot Studio project.

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