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Have a date with a Russian woman!


If you have heard of the sensuality and beauty of Russian women surely you would like to know how to have a date with a russian woman.

Even if you have experience in flirting you should know that Russian culture is something special and Russian women are no exception. Do you dare to seduce a Russian woman?

What are the aspects to consider for the first date?

Here we will explain some details that you must take into account to be able to conquer a Russian girl, especially during the first date, because the initial impression you make will depend on success or failure.

Russian women like serious men

Unlike women from other cultures who are attracted to funny men with a great sense of humor, Russian women like men to be very serious, to transmit virility and energy.

So on your first date forget those jokes that you think are funny and that on other occasions have served to break the ice. This time they will not serve you and on the contrary will make you look like a little serious man.

But there is everything in this world, if you want you can try your funny jokes etc ... Good luck!

On a date with a Russian woman the man always pays the bill

As modern as the Russian girl you want to conquer seems, you should know that they are old-fashioned when it comes to paying the bill on dates.

Never let that Russian beauty that appeals to you pay the bill, much less ask her to share the expenses, because she will see you as a greedy man and your love intentions will go so far.

If you are man enough, show it and pay the bill!

Russian women don't drink liquor on the first date

You may have heard that in Russia it is usual to drink vodka, and that even women do it, well forget it because it is another of the myths that exist about Russia.

It is not even appropriate to invite the Russian girl of your dreams for a beer because it is considered a drink for people with low status.

For the first date it is convenient to invite her to have a coffee. Cinema is not appropriate because she will want you to speak.

Now don't go asking for a Coke!

Leave the love language for other occasions or with other girls

Russian girls dislike that the man uses excessively sweet language. That is to say, he does not like that his suitor tells her that she is a very beautiful woman and much less that she uses diminutives like baby, baby, my rich little thing and things like that.

They feel comfortable when the man who wants to conquer them gives him a rose or any other simple gift, nothing extravagant, and very important! calls her by name.

By the way, did you forget to open the car door for him? Forget the date!

For Russian girls a man's past is just that: past

Another fundamental detail: When you are in a date with a russian woman you should never tell him about your exes.

If you do not have much to talk about, just pay attention to her by staring at her and let her tell you everything she wants, especially about her tastes, experiences, family… Possibly you will be surprised by the impregnable walls of Russia.

Now you're thinking that it's not a good idea to date a russian woman.

Maybe you're not man enough?

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Have a date with a Russian woman!

If you have heard of the sensuality and beauty of Russian women, you would surely like to know how to go on a date with a Russian woman. Even if you have experience

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