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RUSALIA GUIDE PDF: Essential to travel to Russia


Russia is a country of beautiful women, interesting culture and very strong history, so why not visit it?

Obviously if you are here it is because it is your next destination and you need to know what things are essential to travel to the largest country in the world. Next, we give you a hand with this and we give you the opportunity to download a PDF GUIDE of everything you need to know before traveling to Russia.

Curiosities about Russia and its customs are everywhere circulating on the internet, but What do you really need to know to travel to Russia?

The first thing is that the curiosities, however interesting they may be, will not make the trip. That is, you need to absorb information that is really vital to the processes, management and movements within Russia.

Of course, do not stop reading any kind of anecdote, because in one of those you can answer many questions that the behavior of the Russians leaves you in day to day. But above all, the type of information presented below should be your priority.

In general, Russia is a wonderful country, but there is no doubt that started by the language and ending with the procedures from outside and inside the country, anyone can get into certain problems.

In fact, all the procedures and movements that we will mention below can make you think twice and even confuse you. But do not worry, there are very complete guides like the RUSALIA GUIDE , which explain step by step how to do each procedure without queues and how the country works socially and culturally in the most practical way.

That said, we will touch below some points of interest.


A tourist guide can be your best ally in your trip

In many other cases, a tourist guide It may be expendable, but it is not the case with a trip to Russia. The linguistic distance with respect to Spanish is extensive, the regulations within the country are very firm and the cultural shock from good to first, can be somewhat shocking.

In that sense, a tourist guide like the Rusalia guide, has all the solutions in a practical and concrete way. Leaving this type of information aside is complicating the trip and for many it will be putting yourself at risk unnecessarily. That's why we highly recommend it.

What better pleasure than traveling with everything under control and that in the end reality exceeds expectations!

This is basically the kind of information about Russia that you will find exposed in the GUia Rusalia:

  • Information designed, tested and ordered to avoid any kind of setbacks.
  • Cultural and social information about the country really useful.
  • 10 steps to plan the trip online without complications or scams.
  • Step by step explanation of each of the customs procedures and others.
  • Places of interest, better time slots for visits and more.
  • Detailed checklist of documents and baggage required in Russia.

Without a doubt, it is vital and detailed information for the trip. It is something that you should definitely invest in and then save on unforeseen events.

But at a more general level, these are the points that are detailed in the guide and you definitely need to know.

What you legally need to enter Russia

Fundamentally, there are 4 documents that you must have in order to enter Russia. The first is passport, which must have at least 6 valid months. You must also have a tourist visa which is managed at least two weeks in advance. That visa is valid for 30 days, if you want to stay a little longer you have to manage other processes. Now, if you are in Spain, for example, to acquire a visa, you only have to go to the Russian consulate in Madrid or Barcelona with a prior appointment. You must ask for it well in advance, since sometimes they are slow to respond. If you are in another country, the same, go to the Russian dependency or consulate.

The next document you must have is the visa support or invitation letter. What is it? It is a letter issued by a private person or a company from Russia. If you are a tourist and you do not know anyone, you will wonder where to get it. Well simply the hotel where you are going to host should issue this letter. In general, it is a free procedure. Verify that the hotel you book is willing to cover it.

And finally, you need to have a travel medical insurance. In Russia this issue is of the utmost importance, because that way both the nation and you can be sure that in case of any accident you will have the proper medical coverage. The fundamental thing to take out insurance is to be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Procedures within the country

But the procedures do not end here. Therefore, at the beginning we recommend you to get a tourist guide in case you need step-by-step advice. Once you arrive in Russia you must make arrangements for your immigration card. It is an electronic process and is carried out at customs. In particular, this process is of vital importance as you must carry your card wherever you go in Russia.

Another thing you must do within the first 7 business days upon arrival is to fill in a Registration Form. You can meet this requirement in the hotel or accommodation you chose, or your host can do it.

Moscow or St. Petersburg?

One of the doubts that many people have before traveling is where to start your trip to Russia. In this post of everything you need to know before traveling to Russia we solve this question in a pragmatic way. Both cities are phenomenal and will make your trip an unforgettable experience. So you can define which one to get to first according to flight rates and offers. That is, whatever is more profitable for you, there is no problem in that because there is no predetermined order to know the most important cities in Russia.

For example, from Madrid to Moscow it's about five hours by plane, and to St. Petersburg another five hours. Iberia and Aeroflot airlines leave daily flights. But other airlines such as S7Airlines, Pobeda, Ural Airlines, Vueling and Red Wings offer direct flights from different cities. That is, there are many options in Spain to choose the best quality / price.

View of the Moscow Victory Park

Transportation within Russia

The main cities of Russia are in metro. There are also the buses, trolleybuses and tramsalthough they are very old and can often break down. But what you should know is that they stop at all stops without you requesting it, so you do not reveal at the outset that you are a tourist.

You must have careful space with the non-regulatory taxis, that in some cases can defraud the tourist. Choose the traditional yellow taxi with the respective sign and taximeter, and see for sure.


In Russia you can eat everything you want and can. The food is very linked with the culture, so you must experience its gastronomy. But there is an important point that you should know and rather a cultural issue. At the time of finishing your meal, when you are going to leave the tip, consider that you usually give the 10% of total invoice.

For the rest, enjoy your trip your way. Visit the recommended places, taste the traditional and Russian cuisine and above all do not forget to drive even if it is the most essential words of the language, they will be very helpful. We hope that this post about everything you need to know before traveling to Russia has been a great help and that from now on you will be much more prepared.

Bon voyage!

RUSALIA GUIDE is a perfectly organized and schematic collection of everything you need to know to travel to Russia. Russian Lover strongly recommends your purchase

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