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Cheburashka: A bear, a monkey, a Gremlin?


Cheburashka It represents much of the good humor, creativity and affection that characterizes the Russians, because it is a small and friendly Russian character who came from the tropics and was baptized with that name, becoming part of Russian culture.

Cheburashka plush toy, just like in Cheburashka clothing, this little animal that has also been the image of the russian olympic team On several occasions, he has traveled around the world and has become a symbol of the high human values ​​that distinguish the Russian people.

Character of Cheburashka in a frame of the Soviet animated series The Crocodile Guena

Where does the name of Cheburashka come from?

The story where the name comes from Cheburashka's name comes from a children's book created in 1965 by Eduard Uspenski, Russian writer specializing in children's literature and who died in August of 2018.

Although Uspenski was the creator of many children's books and scripts for more than 60 cartoon series in more than 20 languages, his fame is due to the creation of this little animal Cheburashka that now symbolizes Russia.

The hairy character, also nicknamed CHEBU, from the moment he became known through the children's book, loved it for his charisma and candor.

However, the popularity of this Russian animated character is increased is from 1968 with the creation of the animated series.

Despite how brief these were short films of russian cartoons (just four) the name of this little animal fell within Russian society.

There is no one in Russia who does not worship Chebu!

And is that Chebu is a nice character that It has transcended Russian borders and has become popular in countries such as Japan, where animated films were shown at the 2001 and 2002, and seen by more than 1,000 spectators.

The success of this Russian child character is such that his films were included in the Ghibli Museum Library in Japan.

Cheburashka in the orange shop
Frame of the animated series The Crocodile Guena

What animal is Cheburashka and how was his character born?

History narrates that a curious animal arrived in a grocery store, inside a basket of oranges, that had no resemblance to any other acquaintance.

This cute little animal with the appearance of a monkey and bear, was baptized by the store manager as CHEBURASHKA, which is pronounced in Russian as Cheburashka (Chebu for friends).

Specifically, it is a Russian expression that means fall crashingly, because the curious little animal could not stand up without falling heavily.

This expression, is now so popular that it serves to describe how many things are spectacular, have huge ears or so unique appearance that it is difficult to classify or name it.

If you are a little weird we can say that you look like Cheburashka. If you stop to think Chebu becomes a Gremlin but adorable. Again, the Soviet Union was ahead of American culture and with much more class and intelligence.

However, beyond the linguistic appropriation that resulted in the creation of this character, the importance of this nice character it is a great part of the values ​​that it helped to forge in several Russian generations.

Cheburashka is an example to follow and one of the Russia's most reliable cartoons.

Cheburashka inside a box of oranges
Cheburashka was found in a box of oranges

What are the values ​​transmitted by the sympathetic character of Cheburashka?

This nice furry little animal with big eyes when it started appearing in cartoons attracted many because of the goodness it radiated.

Also, the image of this character Chebu involves great feelings such as friendship and solidarity.

For example, in the first cartoon where Cheburashka appeared ("The Guena crocodile") at 1969, showed love to honest work and companionship.

Cheburashka Guena's travel companion
The Guena crocodile with Cheburashka

In this first creation he meets precisely Guena crocodile, who is also as kind as he is and helps him get a job that makes him happy.

In the following animations ("Cheburashka", "Shapokliyák" and "Cheburashka goes to school") along with his friend Guena fights against the evils of Shapokliyak, an old woman who carries the Lariska rat as a pet in a bag.

Chapter 1 of the animated drawing series of Crocodile Guéna and Cheburashka (Part 1 and 2)

The importance of the Cheburashka character in Russian culture

This Cheburashka character with similarities to a child of 5 years, transmits with candor and innocence all those values ​​that speak of the best of a society.

With his magical attraction he put the children's song in fashion "What a pity that the birthday is only once a year".

Cheburashka's first cartoon short film also raises the issue of prejudices that are caused by ignorance, because the little animal not being considered as a bear, elephant, monkey or other known animal is not accepted in the zoo.

However, it also reveals that in the face of adversity there is friendship and the desire to do good, such as when he befriends crocodile Guena, who supports him in his desire to get a job that would make him smile again.

Consequently, when you go to Russia do not hesitate to get a doll of Cheburashka for your return trip, because with the image of this Russian animated character Not only will you be taking an icon of Russian culture but also a sample of the special attention that Russian society gives to high human values.

If you don't have patience to get to Russia and get one of them, you can buy an original Cheburashka plush in the Russian store of Russian Lover or any other Cheburashka product such as:

And you Russianlover what animal do you think is Cheburashaka, a monkey, a bear or another type of animal?

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