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Advantages of living in Russia: The best!


If you've ever heard horrible things about living in Russia You should know that these are only myths that were created from the Cold War and a gloomy imagery widespread in current and fake Hollywood movies. Fortunately, many voices about the advantage of living in Russia and here we will tell you some of the best things. We are going to try to clear the doubts about those things that are said about Russia and that can curb the desire to travel to this wonderful country.

Russia has many advantages and good things to discover!

What are the advantages of living in Russia?

The varied climate and the immeasurable nature of Russia makes living in Russia exciting

We will start precisely by pointing out one of the things about living in Russia to which many people attribute negativity: the climate.

The popular belief is that the climate in Russia is harsh and therefore makes it impossible to live in this country. However, it is quite the opposite. There are the four seasons perfectly defined, which makes time for everything and keeps you out of the routine.

Living the Russian climate is living nature in a pure state of synchronization. Each season changes and transforms the landscape in a beautiful and gradual way. The feeling of harmony and peace that can be felt in contact with the weather is priceless.

If you live in a warm country you may want to enjoy playing in the snow sometime, and if you live in a country with a cold climate most of the time you surely want to enjoy some sunny days.

Well, if you lived in Russia you would only have to wait a few months to enjoy the snow and the sun. For example, from May to August you can walk in a t-shirt through the sunny streets

And when you start to get bored of the heat, the snow begins to fall so you can practice ice skating and think of Ded Moroz (Sana Claus) going down the chimney.

Everything is open 24/XNUMX in Russia

Neither cold nor heat stops the Russians. Imagine that on a Sunday night you need to buy a scarf to complete your outfit. Well, in Spain you have to stay with the desire.

On the other hand, in Russia you go out calmly and buy what you need, because everything remains open: Restaurants, shopping malls, markets ...

Precisely this availability of Russians to work and buy marks another of the good things about settling in Russia: the possibility of undertaking.

It's three in the morning and you need to go to the supermarket for half a dozen eggs? In Russia it is possible.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurship in Russia

Russia is a virgin territory for almost all kinds of business. Currently many people have decided to undertake in Russia and ideas have brought ideas from their country and have realized how good this is.

One of the great advantages to develop your business in Russia is the speed of the Internet and the cheap rates. We see it below.

Russia has a fast and cheap internet, one of the cheapest in the world

For a monthly income of just 6 dollars you can enjoy one of the fastest internet services in the world.

With this technological capacity, all banking and financial movements are made through the network, which makes it easy to develop any online business in Russia.

But these are just some of the advantages of living in Russia, as there is free education and medicine, efficient and cheap public transport services and much more.

As if that were not enough, the best friends are here to make the business you have created work. Everyone knows of the unswerving loyalty of the Russian friend.

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