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【The Best Russian Watches】


The first intention to manufacture russian watches It emerged in the eighteenth century, on a very small scale and with imported raw material. There were few watches, which made their manufacture expensive. This made the final product an exclusive jewel for whoever carried it.

Its evolution was given and it is in the Soviet era that it took more momentum. To such an extent that in the year 1930, the first watch factory with Russian technology was created, recognized in the world for its quality and precision.

Its main market was to provide the military industry. Subsequently its use was transferred in the following years to the civilian population. This theme is one of the most exciting for the collector, so we have chosen the 4 brands that have marked the watchmaking tradition in Russia.

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Aviator watches They are traditional throughout Russia. They have a story that dates back to 1927, when they were hardly a project. After three years, at 1930, he was able to materialize with the creation of the first Russian watch factory. The aviator model was the watch model officially used by the The Red Army, the Soviet Navy, the army divers, the explorers of the North Pole and, of course, the cosmonauts. Currently a watch of this model, whose years of manufacture are included between 1936-1940, are well valued by collectors.

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Raketa is the brand of Russian watches with the longest trajectory and tradition. In its translation into Spanish, it means rocket. Its commercial launch occurs in the 1961, coinciding with the first manned launch to the

space. It was "Yuri Alekséyevich Gagarin", the one chosen to carry this watch. The success of this mission catapulted both the popularity of the cosmonaut and the reputation of the watch. Until today, it is coveted by any collector.

Specimen of RAKETA watch made in the USSR


It is a watch model of smaller range, but with many details. It is developed by the first factory of Moscow. Its dial was made of quartz and its system was very precise and precise mechanical. In addition, it had shock protection mechanisms composed of 17 rubies. This model was the one that gave the Orenberg Flight School to his graduates, coincidentally, Gagarin also obtained one of these since he was a member of this promotion.

The cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin with his Sturmanskie watch

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It is the main signature of watches for special operations of military forces and diving. It has an advanced and patented manufacturing formula that makes these watches as accurate as their closest competitors. Its launch was in the year of 1942, in full development of the Second World War. It is one of the most important factories of today, with a large expansionist policy to the rest of Europe, with innovative and functional models.

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The watches in Russia they are an accessory of vital importance for Russian history, being present in the most transcendental moments of this culture. If you want to buy a Russian watch or any other product from this country, do not hesitate to visit the Russian store of Russian Lover.

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