The opportunities to work in Russia grow every day more and be prepared to get the best position adapted to your skills and needs is a strategy that you should not overlook.

Here I leave 5 things you should know to succeed in the job search in Russia:

1 You need a permit to work

To work legally in Russia it is necessary to have a work permit. Russia has a control over work permits for foreigners, since its laws give priority to any professional who is inside Russia.

In case you are outside of Russia, it is best to contact a company that requires a qualified staff with your skills and experiences, so that it is the company that requests you as an employee.

2 Record the rising sectors of Russia

One of the key things when leaving for a new country is to look for the most demanded trades and professions in that country.

For Spanish speakers there is a great opportunity to teach Spanish. Many families are interested in having their children learn several languages, English and Spanish are usually at the top of that list.

You can sign up for this job either as an au pair or as a language teacher. Construction, technology, engineering, transport and education are among the sectors most in demand.

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3 Russia has an affordable cost of living

Moscow, like almost all the capitals of the countries of the world, is the most expensive city in Russia. However, it is not the most expensive in Europe.

The main expense you will have when coming to Russia is the rent of the room or the apartment.

The other expenses such as food, transportation and entertainment are quite reasonable.

4 Knowing Russian is not essential, but it is very important

English may be the indispensable language for some highly qualified jobs for foreigners. But even if a staff is required to master English, it is advisable that you know Russian even at a basic level. Remember that you will also have to shop and socialize, so learn Russian It should be on your list of priorities if you want to work in Russia and integrate into their culture. If you plan to stay and make life plans, it is a mandatory requirement because in addition to formalizing the legal papers of residence permit you must go through a basic examination of Russian language, laws and history of the country.

5 Russian culture is preparing more and more to accept abroad

For many years Russia did not contemplate receiving foreigners within its laws, nor was it usual. However, more and more it becomes a country open to the world. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cities most prepared for tourism. There you can find restaurants with international food, hotels for different tastes, shops open to international fashion, etc.

In addition, this country has been prepared thoroughly to receive foreigners for the 2018 World Cup. Now the country is open to all cultures of the world.Do not miss the opportunity to Travel to Russia!

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